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At NextHome Luxe Group, we can do more than just buy or sell your next home. Our brokers and agents are experts in several niches of the real estate industry, including first time buyers, investment properties, and vacant land acquisitions.


NextHome Luxe Group can confidently guide you through the home buying process and assist you with the information you need to be a savvy, well-informed buyer. We offer complimentary buyer consultations to educate you with every step of the buying process. We can also consult via FaceTime or Skype to meet the schedule of any domestic or international clientele that we serve. Feel free to reach out and chat with any of our Realtors.

Buying a home in L.A. is an experience unlike any other and it is safe to say that the challenges that come along with it are not for everyone! However, here at NextHome, we strip the overwhelm from the process to deliver an experience that is above and beyond your expectations. This begins when we analyze your finances to see if you are ready to buy right now. If not, we will supply you with all of the proper tools and resources to get you to that stage ASAP.

The timeline for buying property here in L.A. is different for everyone due to personal circumstances and the “leapfrog” type of housing developments and neighborhoods spread throughout the city. In the past, we have worked hand-in-hand with buyers for years to help them transform into a ready, willing, and able homeowner. We know from experience that the more we invest into your preparation, the smoother and more enjoyable your home loan and buying process will be.

Again, the real estate market here in L.A. is exceptionally unique. Ultimately, the choice to rent or buy will have a lot to do with your desired location and the type of lifestyle you want to live. For example, if you want to see yourself in a trendy neighborhood like the Westside, you should expect to pay as much in rent as you would for your mortgage in the San Fernando or San Gabriel Valleys. The easiest way to make up your mind if it is a better financial decision to rent or buy is to use a rent to own calculator.

Great question! Everyone says that location is the most important element in a real estate purchase, but don’t discount the timing of your purchase. Especially, when it comes to buying a home here in The City Of Angels. Unfortunately, timing the market in L.A. can be extremely difficult. Although many investors and financially-savvy people make their best attempts, the reality is that great deals can be found throughout the entire year.

Your personal circumstances and timing will obviously play a role in your decision of the best time to buy. Typically, we see an increase in inventory around April 15th, when everyone’s personal taxes are due. This bump will usually last until the end of July. This is because the school year is drawing to a close and families are trying to get situated over the summer break when it is easiest to move with children. However, if you don’t need to move during the summer for that reason, you will find it rewarding to buy a home in the Fall and Winter months because there are fewer buyers and investors out there. Translation; sellers are more willing to compromise on price and contract terms.

When it comes to buying real estate in L.A., this is not the question that you should be asking. The real question is “How high do I need to write this offer in order to get this home?”.

Should you expect to pay asking price on a super hot home? I’m afraid not! Depending on the price range, you should be prepared to pay as much as 15% more on any given property that you are seriously interested in. On many occasions, the price may seem too good to be true on a property that you’re interested in here in L.A. The reason for that is that many Realtors use a low price purposefully in order to lure in multiple offers and bidding wars. With this in mind, the list price is often irrelevant to the actual expected sales price. This is why you need a local Realtor on your side to help you gauge a realistic value for the home in that particular pocket of LA. In some neighborhoods that exact home maybe overpriced. When Los Angeles is a seller’s market most real estate agents will price the homes too high just to impress their sellers but that pricing is wrong and will fail to get a reaction from buyers. When it comes to pricing and offers, your best bet is to always follow the guidance of your NextHome Realtor.

As a good rule of thumb, we tell buyers in Los Angeles to expect to pay around 1% of the house price, in addition to your property taxes. However, keep in mind that bumps in the road do pop-up and moving itself can have plenty of costs associated with it, so you will want to pad your budget for those too.

Being the newest, most tech-savvy real estate brokerage in Los Angeles, it is no wonder you may be thinking it would cost you an arm and a leg to hire a NextHome Realtor to help you buy a house.

But guess what?!

It doesn’t!

For buyers: Around 90% of the time it doesn’t cost anything as our commission is paid by the seller in escrow. However, some investors or traditional buyers can pay the agent for finding a home that may not be on the market yet, should their contract call for it.

For sellers: We work with you to determine a reasonable commission that favors all parties, so it’s entirely negotiable.

As much as we would love to say yes, we’ve pledged to always be honest with you and the truth is you don’t. The internet has helped 92% of buyers start their home search with an online website such as, Zillow, Trulia. However, 90% of today’s buyers end up calling their favorite Realtor because it’s a lot tougher than they think. Especially in a real estate market as wild and dynamic as L.A. Finding the perfect home is the easy part! It’s when the time comes to tackle the Mount Everest sized stack of paperwork that is required in California and the local disclosures that you will start to feel the heat. Not to mention, all of the work of coordinating the inspection, appraisal, various vendors, and negotiating repairs. Most buyers find trying to do all of this, as well as, working a full-time job and trying to have a life to be to difficult and stressful.

The difference between these two statuses could not be more significant in your preparation to buy a home. Just because you are pre-qualified does NOT mean you will be approved!

A pre-qualification is a very basic conversation you and your lender/bank have regarding your overall financial situation, in which you verbally supply information regarding your debts, your income, and your assets. They usually don’t need to run your credit and will take your word for it. Basically, it’s as good as the paper it’s printed on.

A pre-approval is an in-depth analysis in which the lender asks you for a formal application, your bank statements, tax returns, financial statements such as P&Ls, and any additional documents which they need to fulfill gaps in your paperwork. After receiving this, they run loan program scenarios, in order to give you a qualifying mortgage rate. Ultimately, this allows them to give you an official pre-approval. Sometimes, they’ll go as far as giving you a Desktop Underwriting (DU) approval or LP approval, which is the best way to go! Ask your lender if you qualify for this.

Nope. The buyer always has the right to waive their home warranty. A home warranty can be offered by the seller to help you protect against small issues that may pop-up after the sale, such as a bad water heater, leaky pipes, appliance replacements, poor pool equipment, limited roof leaks, etc.. Depending on the age of the house or your intention for the property, you may want to skip this as it’ll make your offer more attractive.

The last few days of your escrow period feel a bit rushed. Try to breathe and trust in your lender and NextHome Realtor at this point because they want to see a smooth closing as much as you do.

Here’s the basic order of what will happen:

  1. We will conduct a final walk-through together (or waive it if the seller didn’t repair anything or the house was vacant at the time of purchase).
  2. You will sign loan documents the next day or so.
  3. You will transfer your down payment funds to escrow that same afternoon and wait to “fund” it the next day.
  4. We wait for the County Recorder’s office to officially record your deed so we can hand you the keys to your next home!

The whole process of closing seems more overwhelming than it is because you have a lot of emotions swirling around but never hesitate to reach out to your NextHome Realtor with any questions or concerns that you may have!


Your home is a big part of your life, both financially and emotionally. The decision to sell your home is a decision that must not be taken lightly. Find a local agent with the knowledge and expertise to get your home sold. Next your agent will determine a marketing strategy best suited for your home. NextHome Luxe Group has invested heavily in print, digital and social media marketing campaigns to gain the knowledge and experience to create culturally sensitive messaging, in-language, for your listing in the California real estate market.

No. Again, this is one of those times when we wish we could tell you that you’re required to hire a Realtor to sell your Los Angeles property but that is totally your call!

While many homeowners are under the impression that hiring a Realtor is too expensive and will cut into their potential profits, the truth is that it usually results in a higher profit for the seller. One thing that many sellers do not realize that getting their house ready for the market and actually advertising it the way that you have to in order to sell a house here in L.A. is not only time-consuming but expensive! If you list your property yourself, you will have to pay out of pocket for things like staging, photography, video and virtual tours, access to list on the MLS, catering for open houses, and much more.

More often than not, sellers find that trying to sell a house in Los Angeles is a full-time job in and of itself and costs a fortune. Therefore, they opt to hire a Realtor to do all of the heavy lifting for them and help them turn a higher profit in the end.

  • Price it right
  • List it on the MLS
  • Social media advertising
  • Host open houses
  • Negotiate the price and terms
  • Handle all of the paperwork

Great question! Again, this is going to depend on how motivated you are to turn the best possible profit, what your area calls for, and what condition your property is currently in. Our goal for you is to help you achieve the results that will have the best possible impact on your life in a timeline that makes sense for you.

Keep in mind that not all home “improvements” are necessarily going to result in a bigger profit for you. Therefore, the best thing to do is have a NextHome Realtor come out to take a look at your property and make any recommendations they have in regards to updates or improvements that will add valuable equity.

As for getting your property “marketing ready” to hit the Los Angeles real estate market, that is the job of your NextHome Realtor. They will bring in any necessary staging, photography, videography, etc. to make sure your property gets the attention it deserves when the time comes.

This is one of the most sensitive questions for sellers because it is not uncommon to tie your own emotions into your perceived value of the property. Generally, the price of your home is determined when you NextHome Realtor compares the average price per square foot of homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold or have been listed for sale. Additional factors like upgrades, a pool, bedrooms, and bathrooms are also taken into consideration. Then, the square footage of your property is compared with the average square footage of the others, along with those other factors to determine a reasonable value.

For a more exact value, you can have a property appraiser come out to give you their expert opinion as well. In some cases, this can be a fantastic way to add more appeal to your property and seduce buyers into making an offer.

You’re not alone in wondering how long it will take to get your Los Angeles property sold so you can take the next step in your journey. Unfortunately there are a lot of variables that will play a role in the timeline. A few of these variables include:

  • The current conditions of the market
  • The condition of your house in comparison to similar houses nearby
  • Your price point (the higher the price, the less potential buyers there are)
  • The marketing strategy used
  • Your willingness to accept or negotiate offers

As you can imagine, there are certain things that are still within our control when we work together. Take the marketing for example. One of the main reasons homeowners in L.A. choose to list their house with a NextHome Realtor is that they know they will be getting the most high-tech, well-planned marketing strategy to ensure their property beckons buyers like a beacon.

While it may feel like a good idea to be present when buyers come through to look at your listing, this is actually a very bad idea. Prospective buyers want privacy while they explore the property and want to feel free enough to say anything they want honestly with one another and their agent. They are trying to picture their own lives and futures in your home and imagine it as their own. If you are there, the buyers are more likely to be distracted and rush through things just to get out of the uncomfortable situation.

On another note, it is important to advise you that trying to show your property yourself can be dangerous. While most buyers are nice people working with a licensed agent, there are people out there looking to take advantage of the situation. There have been cases of people calling sellers claiming to want a tour but in reality, are violent criminals looking for their next victim.

No matter how you look at it, you only stand to benefit from being absent during showings. If you feel strongly that you have important insights that might help sell the home, tell your NextHome Realtor and they can include them in marketing materials like the listing description.

The question is not about how important staging is, but how valuable it is! Having a property staged can:

  • Get your house sold in half the time
  • Get your house sold for more than 6% above asking price (covers the cost of a NextHome Realtor)
  • Deliver you an average ROI of between 8-10%
  • Sell your house 79% faster if it is done before listing

These days you have multiple options for staging your property. In addition to going the traditional route, you can have the property digitally furnished and staged for all of your digital marketing. In essence, staging is seen as a wise investment that can significantly increase a buyer’s motivation to purchase and fight for your Los Angeles listing where the competition is steep.

In most cases, it will be free to hire a NextHome Realtor to help you buy properties in L.A.. However, when you list your property with one of our team members, you will usually be asked to pay a commission of 6% (to be paid at closing). Half of that commission will go to the buyer’s real estate agent, and the other half will go to your listing agent to help them cover the cost of things like photographer, videos, social media ads, open houses, lockboxes, and various other costs that are incurred while marketing your property for you. To some people, this may seem like a lot of money. However, when you consider that it is your Realtor’s main motivation for getting your house sold, and typically brings a much higher profit, most people are more than happy to compensate their Next Home Realtor for all of their hard work in meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Great question! In some cases, you may need to sell your house before you can afford to close on the next one. However, this does not mean you can’t have your NextHome Realtor help you get started on finding your next home in Los Angeles now. If you find a property you love and want to put in an offer before your house has sold, you will have your Realtor ask for a closing contingency that will state that you can’t close on your new home until your old one has been sold and closed upon. This will protect you from several scenarios that could leave you high and dry with two mortgages or nowhere to live.

Nope. Although it can make your life and the selling process much easier if you don’t live on the property at the time, you certainly don’t have to move out if you don’t want to. Many people choose to move out when the property is listed so they don’t have to worry about keeping it clean and show worthy for buyers. However, millions of sellers live in their listings throughout the process and you can too.

First Time Buyers


Most people answer yes, but with great hesitation as it can be a daunting process if you’re working with unqualified Realtors. Yes, there are plenty of bad apples in our industry! NextHome Luxe Group offers a complimentary in-depth crash course to all of its first time home buyers. An educated buyer is a strong buyer, and we believe in extinguishing all the stress and fears of buying your very first home from the start. With our 30-60-90 day program, we have built a reputation of being the go-to brokerage for many first time home buyers in the L.A. market.

The first step is to get your home loan approval. Without it, it’s like taking a road trip without any direction. With the right home loan approval, your offer can truly stand-out amongst other offers and help get it accepted. Not to mention that it’ll also help us understand which pockets and areas to show you homes so that we can efficently make use of all our schedules. Contact us today to learn more and let us help you find your next home.

Vacant Land

Wondering how to buy land? There’s something exciting about the idea of buying your own piece of land and building your dream home. Picking the perfect parcel can prove to be a bit more challenging than you’d expect but thats where our land experts come in. We offer complimentary consultation outlining the entire process of purchasing land. We also offer a list of preferred architects, engineers, contractors, interior designers, landscapers and lenders who specialize in construction loans.

Investment Properties

Finding a real estate agent that is investor friendly is not as simple as finding an agent to buy or sell the average home. Real estate investing works under a different set of standards than buying or selling a home to live in, and it requires particular knowledge and a set of skills that not every Realtor possesses.If you are considering real estate investing, you need to find the right agent and the right area to begin your investment search. Founding partners of NextHome Luxe Group, Sean Baroni & Art Hovsepian started their careers together as investors purchasing distressed properties in the Los Angeles area and flipping them for profit. They moved on to ground up development projects and investing into multi residential buildings. Working with Realtors who have first hand experience is the first step of making the right investment decision.

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At NextHome Luxe Group, we don’t look at your house as a piece of property; we look at it as the centerpiece of your life. Let our experts make your next real estate transaction as painless and perfect as possible.