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Starter Homes vs. Forever Homes; Which Is A Better Buy In L.A.?

Starter Homes vs. Forever Homes; Which Is A Better Buy In L.A.?

So you’re getting ready to buy a new home in Los Angeles, but you’re not sure if it would be wiser to buy a smaller home that doesn’t meet all of the items on your wishlist, or splurge for your dream home and grow into it.

As you know, buying a home is a major decision and financial investment and you don’t want to wake up regretting your decision down the road.

To prevent that from happening, we’ve prepared this guide to help you choose between buying a starter home and a forever home here in L.A.

Where Are You In Your Life?

The first indicator of the right choice is where you are at this stage in your life. Are you single, newly married, or looking to start your family? If you’re still single, but don’t plan to be forever, you would probably be better off buying a starter home that meets your needs right now. When you fall in love and get married, you and your spouse will want to settle into your new life together in a home that is both of yours and shows off who you are as a couple.

If you’re already married, stable, and looking to start your family, a forever home is a better option. There are few things in life more stressful than moving and nobody wants to subject themselves to multiple moves with busy careers, kids, and pets! If budget is a concern, ask your NextHome Realtor to help you find a forever home that needs some improvements which you can make over time to suit your needs and taste.

Where Are You In Your Career?

The stage of your career is equally as important as your career path itself. You need to think about your career choices and upcoming opportunities to know whether a temporary or permanent home is best for you. For example, if you are anticipating a position that will require you to move in the next five to ten years, you will be better off investing in a starter home. However, if you are more stable and looking at a bright future, a forever home will provide you with the consistency and security you need.

Ready To Put Down Roots In Los Angeles?

Los Angeles truly has something to offer everyone!

No matter where you are in your life and career, your next home is waiting for you somewhere in this city.

At NextHome, the buyers and sellers we work with are so much more than that. They’re our neighbors and friends. In fact, you’ll notice from the first time you walk into the NextHome office that it feels more like a home built for our family, and yours.

Whether it’s yours for just a few years or forever, we’re excited to help you find your next home.

Click here to get connected with a member of our team and get started with your Los Angeles home search.

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